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Dynamic MultiMedia and Links at GerardPas com
The Cyber Cafe consists of dynamic media, music, links and images made by Gerard Pas or his friends. It can all be found below: from Macromedia Flash Films, Shockwave Projects, Apple QuickTime Movies, MP3, Music, JPEGS and web site links to and for other great artists and friends.  It's all here and it's all brought to you free by millions of little blinking pixels. So enjoy!
If you're are an artist, arts organization, psychically challenged or just another "head case" and would like to become creatively involved with, we would be happy to dedicate space to you here. is very interested in having guest artists create pages for us here in the Cyber Cafe. Maybe you are that person! If your interested in doing something with us, then E-mail us and let us know: You'd be surprised at just how receptive we might be and what we can do to assist you in realizing your project on the web. 
In order to take full advantage of all of the media on this web site you will require at least 2 of the 3 media players listed below. We use Macromedia Flash™ passively on this web site but as most of our Animations are created using Flash, you will require their free player to view this media. Movies at are more diverse and created in different formats with Apple QuickTime™ being the most prevalent. Windows Media Player is also used for Movies and sounds. If you do not have these players you can download them for free by clicking on their icons below. This page will not close. Once you've completed your download enjoy all the dynamic media at Thank You.

If you require any assistance with our media, please contact and we will try to accommodate you.

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Add some background ambiance while visiting with us in our Cyber Cafe

Listen to "End of the line"  by the Vanity Set - click here
click here
128k mp3
The Vanity Set
Listen to one of the hottest groups in New York City - The Vanity Set. Their song is entitled “End of the Line” and is written by James Sclavunos ©, The Vanity Set ©. Remember to look for the Vanity Set link below.
“End of The Line” by The Vanity Set - 3317 kb - 128k mp3
Visit the Vanity Set web site and buy a copy of the entire CD for yourself. You won't regret it!
“A great tune!  When I first heard it premiered live, at the Cooler in New York City, 2000, I was touched by the proximity of the songs contents to my own life.” G.P.

Listen to William Burroughs read - click here
click here
128k mp3
William S. Burroughs
Gerard came to know William Burroughs during the mid-seventies while living in Europe. They went on to travel together, share the same hotels, stayed in the same houses and as a result become friends. William Burroughs was not only a great writer and poet, known through such books as “Junkie” and “Naked Lunch” but he also did so much more, i.e., movies, art and music. We've decided to share some of William's incredible and acerbic writing with you in this recording of him reading "Word's of Advice to Young People" - 4408 kb - 128k mp3
“There will never be another like you Bill and thank God for that, you're too damn special!” G.P. | see images of Gerard with William Burroughs and others in the friends gallery

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Dynamic Media
Read Christopher Angell's - click here
click here
Christopher Cooper Angell - poems
This untitled poem by poet, writer and photographer Christopher Angell was written in Johannesburg, South Africa while he and Gerard were both working there in 2000-2001. A very compelling work which speaks not just to our common frailty or the human condition but addresses some of the real issues we have in our “have and have not” world. Christopher is the Assistant Executive Director of CrossPathCulture (New York). Chris has recently moved back to America from Johannesburg where was the Director of CrossPathCulture Centre - South Africa, 2001-2003.
Christopher recently sent us another great poem of which you can view by clicking here.

Go Ahead ask the astronaut about art - click here
click here
Ask the AstRonauT - search engine
As a public service, we at our endeavouring to fulfill all of your needs and requests as it relates to art. We want you to be informed about all the facets of Art, Aesthetics, Art History, Art Criticism, Art Collecting and how to develop a career as an artist! We asked our research and development team to create an engine and database whereby you could ask any question you'd like about art or art history. So go ahead ask our astronaut anything about art - don't stay in the dark - the stars are the limit.
Gerard recently exhibited alongside a prominent Astronaut. He was so inspired that he directed us to skin our engine with this inner-outer space motif.

Media from the 1990s Gallery - click here
click here
Cameras of the Late Nineties to 2000s - Gerard and Java Script
This html based media was created by Gerard as navigation for the “1990's Lobby” in “The Galleries” section of our web site. It's an interesting use of “image swapping” and “image restore” java script. Gerard used the two work horses of his career as the motif for this page. Those workhorses being his 35mm Contax RTS II slr and his Nikon CoolPix 990 Digital Camera.

Media from "corpoREAL exCHANGE" - click here
click here
Media from the exhibition corpoREAL exCHANGE
Various html based media was created by Gerard for his collaborative exhibition “corpoREAL exCHANGE” with Huang Chih-Yang which was held in New York in 2001.

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Watch "Kunstledematen" - click here
click here
48700k = 1.56 hrs
@ 56k
An early video render from one of Gerard's most noted and infamous performances. It was first performed in 1979 at De Appel – Centre for Contemporary Art, Amsterdam the Netherlands. The performance was reviewed in various art periodicals, world wide in the weeks that followed.
This performance is a painful account of Gerard’s youth, first as a handicapped individual, the Easter Seal Timmy (poster child), his development as an artist, and the art world in general.
While eating a cake in which the word “Kunstledematen” is printed as icing, he takes us through this sojourn. He consumes the cake until only the words “Kunst” (Art) are left and begins to vomit – continuing to eat the regurgitated cake. Suffice it to say it is a difficult video to watch. Gerard says that to this day he finds it difficult to watch, as it conjures up issues, which are too painful even for him.
A very compelling document of a complex inner struggle!

This version was recorded with the assistance of Video-Heads Amsterdam. Created originally as a ¾-inch video it was recently reduced to digital format by Gerard. A full DVD version is available on request by writing to

Kunstledematen is the Dutch / German word for Prosthesis or ARTifical limbs
This video runs for 31:38 minutes in a small windows media version format - WMV

Watch "Stutter" - click here
click here
35600k = 1.25 hrs
@ 56k
Am I the Abstract
An early short video created by Gerard in 1979 at PUMPS, Vancouver, Canada. In this work, Gerard explores the idea that if your body is deformed, does it make you an abstract? Working on the premise that his atrophied polio inflicted left leg does indeed make him abstract, he attempts to point this out in the same way that abstract painters realized their figure studies.
The MPG file is 2:30 minutes long and formatted for 4:3 Standard TV aspect ratio.

Can we also become the living abstract?

for smaller windows media version — 3400k = 8.60 min @ 56k — click here

Watch "Stutter" - click here
click here
47000k = 1.51 hrs
@ 56k
An early video which Gerard recorded at PUMP’S, Vancouver, Canada in 1979 on 3/4 inch U-matic video tape and recently edited into this MPG or mpeg. It is short at 1:17 minutes so we recommend broadband for the download. This MPG is formatted for 4:3 Standard TV aspect ratio and has not been resized.
Cane and disABLEd.

for smaller windows media version — 1810k = 4.19 min @ 56k — click here

Watch "the london lEDGE" - click here
click here
4520k = 10.46 min
@ 56k
the london lEDGE - un autre faux pas
An early movie made by Gerard in 1977. It was originally recorded on 1/2 inch b&w video tape. The content reflects Gerard's days before leaving London for New York and on to Amsterdam in 1978.This MPG is formatted for 4:3 Standard TV aspect ratio and has not been resized.
Was that an EDGE or just a ledge?

for smaller windows media version— 511k = 1.13 min @ 56k — click here

Watch "A Study for Pataphysician Thought" - click here
click here
20700k = 49.7 min
@ 56k
A Study for Pataphysician Thought
An early film by Gerard inspired by the “shadow plays” of the Pataphysician art movement. This film was originally recorded in 1977 using 1/2 inch b&w video tape. This MPG is formatted for 4:3 Standard TV aspect ratio and has not been resized.
Ubu who? Thank you Alfred Jarry.
for smaller windows media version— 2080k = 4.57 min @ 56k — click here

Watch "The Mirror" - click here
click here
280k = 40 sec
@ 56k
The Mirror
Sometimes as artists we confuse the proximity of our work to the society in which we live in. The lines become confused and we forget that though we are all part of society, we can also be very much apart from that same society. For example, an individual who spends his waking days around criminals, in their car, on the street and at their work, might be a cop and not a crook.
After a very successful series of personal consultations with a clinical psychologist, Gerard created this short Web Cam Video of in which we have an opportunity to view his thoughts about his art.

Watch "Pourquois PaS" - click here
click here
2701k = 6.4 min
@ 56k
Pourquois PaS
This superb little movie reflects just how I feel about being a PaS - “Pourquois Pas” from A real gem!
Why PaS - Pourquois Not?

To see the movie 911 - click here
click here
1970k = 4.7 min
@ 56k
911 - Monument to September 11th
Gerard lives a great deal of his life in New York City and was deeply touched by the events of Sept. 11th, 2001 or 9-11. We have dedicated a small section of this web site to Gerard's photos and thoughts on being in New York during the fall and winter of 2001. He made this small film as a reaction to 911. 911 being the number on our telephones for Emergency (in North America) and the debacle of using the telephone on 911, make for an interesting paradox. There are two sizes for this short QuickTime Movie - the one provided here is the smaller of the two. Please visit this page dedicated to New York.
To visit our New York page please click on the text - it is a large page so please be patient. See the New York Dedication.

Movies from "corpoREAL exCHANGE" - click here
click here
Movies from the exhibition corpoREAL exCHANGE
Numerous movies created by Gerard from his exhibition “corpoREAL exCHANGE” with Huang Chih-Yang which was held in New York in 2001. These documentary movies are from Gerard's and Huang's collaborative installation “the foREST”. Additionally movies documenting Huang's “I'm Cute Germ” can also be found in this section of our web site.

Movies from "Portait of Chuck Close" - click here
click here
Portrait of Chuck Close
Gerard recently worked on an object or sculpture based portrait of the American artist Chuck Close. Chuck Close assisted Gerard with this work by donating one of his often used and derelict old wheelchairs towards this project. “Portrait of Chuck Close” is a provocative work by Pas which breaks the mould for what is commonly understood as portraiture in fine art.

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There are too many animation on this web site to provide you with an inventory of them all, they are scattered throughout our entire site. We are therefore only providing highlights of principle animations made by Gerard or our design team using Macromedia Flash or in Gif format.

Note: Did you know that Flash uses a vector based animation process allowing you to take our Pop Ups, by their corners with your mouse, and expand them to any size in your browser - try it. Please enjoy.
Watch "Vision of Utopia" 113k silent - click here
click here for silent 113k version
Watch "Vision of Utopia" 142k musical - click here
click here for musical 142k version
Vision of Utopia
This is one Gerard's very first Flash animation. For this animation he used one of his watercolour paintings titled “Vision of Utopia” 1986. In the animation his painting constructs itself from the sum of all its parts. A somewhat non-post-modern work! Where it post-modern it would of course deconstruct itself.
re-constructivism - decontructivism | see more of gerard's work from the late eighties

"To Have and To Hold" try grabbing the corner of this animation and resizing it in your browser - click here
click here
To Have and To Hold
Gerard created this Flash animation by taking the centre nebulous of images out of a larger stone lithography print.
In Sickness and in Health | see more of gerard's work from the nineties

See the painting "Sisyphus Descendants" 63 k - click here
click here
63k - small
See the painting "Sisyphus Descendants" 303 k - click here
click here
303k large
Sisyphus' Descendants

During the mid-nineties Gerard got, well he got a bad case of depression. It happens! Art is indeed one form of catharsis. These Flash Movies are taken from a rather large triptych (5 metres tall) which he painted with the head of pin. It's a simple pan up and down of the work.
"In Greek legend, Sisyphus was punished to roll a huge stone up a hill to the top. As it constantly rolled down again his task was everlasting."

Mad no - Sad yes | see the online catalogue which includes this work and more -“hEaVEN n eARTh

For "Tongues of Fire" - click here
click here
Tongues of Fire
This was the last series of paintings which Gerard completed at the end of the last and beginning of this century. We compiled them into this small Flash work.
Better to light one candle than to sit in the dark complaining | see more of “tongues of fire

Watch "Broken Mannequins or Art Dummies" - click here
click here
Broken Mannequins or Art Dummies 2000
An early Macromedia Flash Movie made by Gerard. Titled “Broken Mannequins” or “Art Dummies”, this little (109 kb) piece simply has fun using a broken art mannequin. The sculpture was still photographed and then animated using frames in Flash. These little dolls are used by artists' to help understand the human anatomy and are also often used as a tool to compose figures in artists compositions.
Gerard Is currently trying to build up a large collection of these broken dummies (all sizes) for a future installation work. Should you have one of these common art mannequins and would like to donate it to this work, please contact us for further details by clicking here.

You should reality see this animatiom - click here.
click here
Reality versus Reality
A concept piece (Flash) which Gerard developed as a virtual proposal or model for a future sculptural installation.
The paradox of perception | see more of gerard's current developments and work from the 2000's

See "lopsided symmetry" - click here
click here
Self Portrait - lopsided symmetry
There are not a lot of images or photos of the artist on this web site. We've therefore included two small self-portraits here in the Cafe. This one was created by Gerard as the image for his virtual Christmas and News Year card. It's an abstraction of him dissolving and resolving. It was animated using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Flash.
You can grab this animation with your mouse and stretch it to any size in your browser
For "elves and other such bramble" - click here
click here
Self Portrait - elves and other such bramble
This self-portrait is a humorous little animation of the artist morphing from human form into that of another ??? It truly shows his elfin character. In fact, to be honest, we're not sure if this is an animation (which Gerard said it was when he gave it to us) or really just the documentation of a regular event in his life which occurs whenever he get's to a certain elevation high.
Gerard's standing on a roof top on Times Square in front of the Verizon's Tower in New York

Animation from "Portait of Chuck Close" - click here
click here
Portrait of Chuck Close
Speaking of portraits, Gerard recently worked on an object or sculpture based portrait of the American artist Chuck Close. Chuck Close assisted Gerard with this work by donating one of his often used and derelict old wheelchairs towards the project. In advance of actually creating this work Gerard made this small Flash work to convey what his finished sculpture would look like.

ReFormation Sculpture media - click here
click here
ReFormation Sculpture
Gerard created a large public sculpture - installation work in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa 2000-2001.The sculpture was made entirely from discarded and broken things which Gerard found in Johannesburg. When completed the sculpture “ReFormation” was almost 2 X 25 X 15 metres. He created these small animation works in advance of going to South Africa as part of his proposal.
See all of the documentation on The ReFormation Sculpture

See "corpoREAL exCHANGE" animation - click here
click here
corpoREAL exChange
Each of the sections in “projects” on this web site opens with a special Flash created introduction page. We have included several examples of how we arrived at the final opening page for the “corpoREAL exCHANGE” project. The process of creating these animations is discussed and we have included different openings to illustrate just how one of these pages is created. “corpoREAL exCHANGE” was Gerard's collaborative exhibition with the Taiwanese artist Huang Chih-Yang which was held in New York in 2001.
See all the documentation from the project “corpREAL exCHANGE

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Images is all about images. Thousands of images are housed on the hundreds of pages found in this site. You can see these images by simply visiting our “gallery” or “projects” sections (links found at the top of this page). The images that you find here are those made by other artists, our guests, or images which do not fit into the general body of this web site. These images are changed regularly to reflect artists we are featuring or current issues. If you would like to participate and have your work published at please contact You'll be pleasantly surprised at how receptive we can be.

Millions of Reasons to see more blinking little pixels - click here
click here
Millions of Reasons
This is Gerard with his first million, the same million he used to establish and keep all us millions of little blinking pixels employed. If I were a blinking little pixel would I be asking, “Am I just another bit player, an element in the whole picture." Question: “Why am I here?” Answer: “You see therefore I am!”
“Why do artists have to be dead to make money anyway? Who made that up, savvy philosophers? Certainly not artists!” G.P.

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As you can see it's not all about images and the personality of Gerard Pas. We also have a collective conscientious: as it relates to political, religious or social concerns with in our global society. From time to time we will post some of the concerns which Gerard feels should receive attention in the links below.

“The attrocites and injustices of this world are the birth pains of a better world to come and we have been honoured to participate in the struggle!” G.P. The Bible: The Book of Job, Chapter 38.

Visit Gerard's online Blog by clicking here.
click here for
Gerard’s BLOG

Gerard Pas | Musings and Cogitations

It's not that I feel I have a lot to say to the world that my art does not already say, but every now and then I do want to muse over my current situation, concerns and thoughts - thus this blog. I hope to focus on as many issues which both effect my daily life and the broader issues such as those found in this section. I am going to try to post a comment as often as is possible for me, within the constraints of time.
I encourage you to participate by both reading and leaving comments on my BLOG.


On Thursday 9th September 2004 the staff at Boddingtons at Strangeways Brewery were told of its intended closure at the end of February 2005. This is not the first time that Interbrew the Belgium owners of Boddingtons have tried to move the famous 'Cream of Manchester' out of the city. To read More click here.

Visit the Save the Cream website.
“It won't be the Cream of Manchester, it will become the sour grapes of South Wales.”
Franny Joyce,
Transport and General Workers' Union - T&G
See this funny Boddingtons Ad with Melanie Sykes
Click on the above image to see a humorous old Boddingtons Ad with Melanie Sykes

Boddingtons: the 100% Mancunian 90% Welsh beer. Say what??? You have to be joking!

How can it be that Interbrew (the world’s largest volume brewer – InBev) could even think of moving Boddingtons Beer, commonly known internationally as “The Cream of Manchester” to a brewery in Wales? Boddingtons Beer has been brewed at Strangeways Brewery in Manchester City England for over 228 years, since 1778. Citing efficiency as the cause, Interbrew UK plans to move 90% of the brewery to its new canning facility in Wales, keeping the beer cask production in Manchester.

I consider Boddingtons Cream Ale (Boddies) one of the finest brews to have ever crossed my lips. The very idea that Interbrew would move the brewery from Manchester is perplexing to me. Its globalization gone mad: you know it is a sad day when your hometown beer becomes an import even though you are still living in your hometown.

I am encouraging you to help the lovers of Boddies worldwide, the citizens of Manchester and the brewery workers to keep their brewery at home by signing their petition to keep Boddingtons in Manchester. You can read more about Manchester’s concerns at their website Remember to sign the petition.” GP

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Our Important Friends Links is ninety nine percent about the art and activities of Gerard Pas, its hard not to be when you're called But could not exist were it not for the fact that Gerard makes art and to make art you need to be able to communicate with your peers, your community and society as a whole. This means that as an artist Gerard also integrates within the larger community of artists, views their art and anticipates critique both public and private. We're part of the world and as an international artist; you begin to realize just how small this world becomes and the threshold of those who hold power in it. Thanks to the web all artists have an opportunity to share their art on a global scale. As an artist it's not just left up to museums and galleries to publish your catalogue and send it to their constituency of supporters to have your work seen. With the web, an electric plug, a box of wire and silicon and knowledge is all that is truly required. Knowledge becomes the key. Knowledge of the web, of photo manipulation and of web programming. Gerard has worked in Africa assisting artist there set up simple solutions to bringing their art onto the web and be seen outside of the parameters sometimes isolated environments. This is why LINKS are so important to us - we want to share all of the bounty, the cornucopia of great art and culture which humankind can provide. What an honour it is for us to share the works of other great artists and friends with those of you who glance upon these pages. Thank you for your interest and time and for visiting us here.

Please also enjoy these links to our friends and web sites we believe deserve merit.

these links have no chronological order of importance and have been placed where they are purely with the purpose of design
to activate the links please click on the image or text if no image is provided

CrossPathCulture. An international organization dedicated "To reach beyond regional/national borders in pursuit of global identity while reacting specifically to the atrocities posed by this modern world." Gerard is actively involved with CPC in New York not only as "artist in residence" but in numerous other ways. CrossPathCulture also acts not only as Gerard's patron in New York but as his exclusive agent in America. Please visit their site.

The Music and web site of "The Vanity Set." When one thinks of counter culture in New York over the last 25 years, James Sclavunos has been there at the cutting edge the whole time. Starting with "Teenage Jesus and the Jerks", to "Sonic Youth", up to today with the "Vanity Set" and this is just a short discography of what is myriad for Jim. Jim Sclavunos has played or was in bands with almost everyone who has made any serious contribution to music over those last 25 plus years; i.e. Tom Waits, The Cramps, Eight Eye Spy; to name but just so very few! He currently is also the drummer for “Nick Cave's” band "The Bad Seeds", is in "The Gunga Din" as well as singer with the "Vanity Set". A must visit, listen and buy site
Jim is also Gerard's oldest friend in New York City. Their friendship runs back to the begriming of punk at CBGB's, moved on to when Gerard lived in Europe and runs strong up until today. See images of Jim Sclavunos in The Friends Gallery.

The works of Hongtu Zhang (otherwise known as Zhang Hongtu). Hongtu is not only a great artist, but he has a cutting wit as can be clearly seen from the art on his excellent web site. This is also a must see site: just catch it's clever URL address “”, which means Museum Of My Art Only and not the Museum of Modern A... or mo Mao... whatever!  A really cool, like totally cool and well designed web site! Hongtu is the best C.I.A. artist in the all of the USA. C.I.A. meaning Chinese Artist in America and not what you'd otherwise think. In fact, Hongtu was one of the first artists who had to flee China during the Chinese Cultural Revolution - he's since been back.
“I truly consider Hongtu a great man. His heart is big enough to bridge between China and New York, his current home. I worked and travelled with him while we were both in South Africa. I saw in his work and soul a compassion for his fellow human being which can be compared to none. Were the world full of people like him, what a world it would be!” G.P.
You can see images of Hongtu with Gerard in London while they were there visiting the New Modern Tate Museum.

Visit both of Jasons sites.
The jeweller to the stars; and I mean The Pleiades and Orion. Jason Bellchamber is not just a great jeweller but he's also a very gifted and fine alternative musician and musical experimenter. Check out his hot "independent music label" site or look at his incredible jewellery. The only metals which should adorn your body should first be touched by Jason.
Listen to the tunes and buy some family jewels online!

The web site of Tim Lowly, artist and affiliate professor at  North Park University in Chicago. A great painter - we mean this guy's is totally on top of his technique. His web site offers another great selfless service: that is one of providing links to many, many other artist's web sites. A great resource! Thanks Tim.

Visit Douglas Kellys web site
Douglas Kelly Show and Gallery List. Forget "Art Now" or all those other gallery guides when you're in New York. This is the only guide we use and it's the best. Not only is Doug's list spot on, as to what's really happening in NYC, but his TV show is pretty good too: aired - Fridays, midnight, Channel 34 (Manhattan Community TV). Interviews with artists such as Damien Hirst, Dennis Oppenheim and Pipilotti Rist, it's hard to beat. Thanks Doug and keep up the good work - sorry that we're usually not watching TV on Friday nights - but we catch all of the repeats and certainly watch it online - which you can too!

Visit the Aporia Press

The drawings, comics and Publishing House "Aporia Press" of Marcel Guldemond. Marcel is a great illustrator and excellent cartoonist, as you will see. His books are a marvel to behold and full of real content. His comics show a side of our humanness which few other comics do. Like most artists, Marcel is his own best patron and while his comics are selling well, he is also one of the finest programmers on the web - in a commercial sense. Whenever we run into problems, we run to Marcel, who is always willing to help. Marcel is considered family by Gerard and was one of his first students. He's got a powerful motorbike to. If we weren't all in wheelchairs, the very same bike we'd all be riding. Okay maybe not! The maybe being: we're not all in wheelchairs, that is. But big momma won't let us get bikes.

The web site of Christopher Wright, artist and devotee of the chronic. A fine painter and completely insane entrepreneur, owning every possible web address name you could possibly think of. His refrain when speaking of the web, got it, own it, buying it. His own web site is as diverse as the body of his work. He's also got the technique thing down.

See Karen's work

The paintings of Karen Suk, who is living somewhere on a remote island on the Pacific Ocean - North West. Karen was a student of Gerard's when he was a Studio Instructor at Redeemer University, Canada. Like any good relationship which stems from teaching, Karen and Gerard became friends. "First you stand in front of them. Then alongside them. Finally, you stand behind them!" G.P. Gerard takes no true credit for any of his student's success, reminding them always that “Success in art is only measured by the success of each work and not by a set of principles calculated by career.” G.P.

Visit Robert Kranendonks site
Robert Kranendonk resides in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, where he is a Professor of Advertising and Design at Loyalist College. He is a former student of Redeemer University where he studied fine art under Gerard Pas. After years of teaching Graphics & Design in Philadelphia and moving back to his home in Canada, he has also returned to his roots in fine art. Robert’s webpage is a collection of his fine art, photography, and design.
“Rob has never tired of just keeping on with the work of making art through all his trials and tribulations. I think he works from the same principle as I do, which could be summed up with the statement - I can’t lays in the graveyard.” G.P.

Visit is the site of photographer and web Designer Jason Vanderhill. Jason created the essential building blocks of this original web site, back in its beginning infancy in 1999. The first ten pages were created by him. Since then we've grown to several hundred pages with thousands of files. Jason's photography continues to dot the pages of our web site and we are grateful to him for all the assistance and advice he brings to us. Jason is first of all a friend but was also a student of Gerard's.

Ensi Design - first and foremost
Ensi Design is Joshua Pas. Josh is not only a phat web designer but he also has some very sic web sites of his own. He has assisted us here in the complete development of this web site: be that by working on our Flash animations, such as the intro page of the “hEaVEN n eARTh” project. “I'm really proud of my son! Not just for his diligence in assisting us in keeping this web site on top of things and sic-r. What gives me the greatest pride, is seeing his tenacity - not giving up, even when he comes to that crossroads which seems like all is lost. I am blessed to know you!” G.P.
Visit his various Hip Hop, Break Dancing and Warez sites! There's music, Street B Ball movies and more. Not that he needs the traffic, he's doing just fine on his own!
Josh snowboarding in Vermont

Nicole is now studying art
Nicole at 14 years of age
Click to enlarge
Nicole Pas is Gerard's daughter. She also collaborates and creates several sites on the web. That's when she's not playing her cello. Designing and re-designing her room, complete with floor plans and drawings, using exacting measurements. She also makes art and reads a volume of literature which makes her Aunt Margaret (Head of Adult Services at the Brooklyn Public Library) proud. She designed her first web site at the age 9 and is slowly becoming a seasoned pro. At her current tender age of 14 she is the apple of Gerard's eye. “Nicole brings me such overwhelming joy. Her brilliance astounds me. It is not simply a veneer of facile childish platitudes but a deep and thoughtful understanding, which far exceeds her years. She will always be my sweetest heart and as her name implies, from the Greek: the victorious conqueror. She already owns my heart!" G.P.
Nicole at 10 years of age
This is pure and shameless self promotion!  If you're interested in a link exchange with, then here's the Button to use.  Please inform us if of your link. If you'd like a link here: please E-mail us the complete details of your URL and send us a graphic or button of small size, i.e., 65 pixels high by 95 pixels wide - no larger than 4k. Please direct all E-mail to - Thank you.

thank you from all of us here at for your interest in our work

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