Earth, Wind and Fire

The ReFormation Sculpture Project 2001
From Sandton to Kliptown - by Gerard Pas

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This small gallery exhibits a few examples of streaming media and Flash movies made by Gerard on the occasion of his sculptural exhibition "The ReFormation Project - From Sandton to Kliptown". Gerard's work was included as part of an international exhibition titled "CrossOvers", organized by CrossPathCulture (CPC) New York and CPC South Africa (CPC), Johannesburg, South Africa, January 2001. CrossPathCulture will release it's own web based material, printed materials and a documentary film by Kefu Molapo and Ken Bolton in the months to come. For more information on these CPC items please contact CrossPathCulture at

We at will post news, updates and additional materials, made by Gerard, here as they become available, for example: Gerard is still busy creating a small photographic animation of the sculpture in it's daily development to completion. What you see below are all projects created by Gerard Pas for this exhibition. If you require more information on Gerard's work please contact us by email at

Flash Movie Animations
full abstract version
32 sec @ 56k
8 sec @ 128k

ReFormation Flash Animation  large ReFormation Flash Animation  small small concise version
6 sec @ 56k
3 sec @ 128k
ReFormation Animation by Gerard Pas © 2000

"The motif for this entire project was to use the traditional symbol of the handicapped, most commonly seen indicating a handicapped washroom. The figure in the traditional symbol is seated in a wheelchair. My figure, on the other hand stands and leaves their wheelchair - as can be seen in the above animations.
This is my own statement on the hope for healing, not just the disabled but for all means and forms of challenges, be they psychical, psychological or spiritual." G. Pas

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Additional Media
Forthcoming - A visual calendar movie on the development of the ReFormation Sculpture 2000-2001
note: this section is in currently in the process of being completed in the meantime we have Gerard's comments on being an artist (274kb)
... see the progression of the sculpture "ReFormation" using dynamic media and or still images
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