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The 2000's Gallery

We all are at the dawn of a new era with the turn of this century! The 2000's Wing of the Gallery at www.GerardPas.com will attempt to be as current of the times and the art works of Gerard Peter Pas as is possible.

In a anthropology of Gerard’s recent art and as seen in through The Nineties Gallery, Gerard’s work went first through disillusionment, then a very dower, angry period motivated by his stupefying recluse and depression, ending the century with a deep probing to understand what lies behind these manifestations of sorrow. Always provocative and guided be a true sense of integrity, the works of the nineties are as telling a testimony of the human condition of frailty, as they are a testament to the human will and the desire to rise out of pain and reach for joy.
As the century changed, so did things for Gerard! Although the Late Nineties Gallery shows that many of the ghosts of his past had come back to haunt him, his work did diversify and as he stated “by going through difficult periods the transition enables us to see the disparity between joy and consternation”. As is seen in Gerard’s last works of the nineties, the series on “The Saints,” he began to look for a positive message or process hidden inside sorrow and pain. “Surely our pain has meaning”. This motivation will act as the inspiration for his the works leading into this new century. Evidence of these radical changes in Gerard’s work and life can be seen here in the 2000’s Gallery.

Gerard has begun to investigate new parameters in his visual lexicon: while his focus is still firmly rooted in his own specific "art language," he has begun to look at human relationships and the "doors of perception". His work has taken a turn towards expressing that pain does indeed have value, and that it not only matters but that it can be the wellspring towards becoming completely human, wisdom and effecting positive change.
It is important to add that although motivated by this keen desire to express positive sentiments through his current work, Gerard has not lost his keen sardonic sense of humour, as you will see in some of the works below. What has changed is that his cynicism has been supplanted with the aim of not just sitting in the dark and complaining but rather to bring a light to whomever might be interested.
Gerard has stated that the goal for his works in the years to come is “To reach for joy, as pain has a way of finding you anyway.” He further goes on to say:

“All, each and everyone one of us, seeks to find a sense of fulfillment for ourselves and our loved ones. None of us, for example, aspire to bring children into a world of misery and pain, so we strive to effect change. Even if that change can only be measured by small indiscernible increments. We all struggle to make life better and as a result this ‘shared by all’ world a better place. Along the way there are indeed pitfalls and moments of grievous, bitter loss. I think on my parents, who saw the most hideous face of human depravity displayed through the atrocities of WW2, yet they still elected, through their gift of love, to give me the privilege of life. Yes, there are those of us who in that despair raise a glass and toast “Let us eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we will die”. But even they, in time, come to see that the search for pure hedonistic pleasure is also vapid and empty. We can’t hide from truth. As drugs have shown for example, you’ve got to keep taking them everyday to try and hide! Funny that there is no illegal street trade in say frontal lobotomies for us to try and hide. What does that say for drugs? Even when stoned there’s hope for meaning? If this were not true we’d all, as a sophisticated modern society, be hooked up to ‘morphine pain pumps’ or have parts of our brain’s removed: the thought is at best absurd or at worst anathema. (At this juncture I will remind myself that the word ‘drug’ can also be replaced with the word ‘work’, for those of us who carry a sense of self piety and look down our long noses at other’s being somehow morally bankrupt compared to ourselves!) We can also choose to give up the fight, as many do, but those of us who truly know love cannot simply surrender to death. For our loved ones we will endure such great affliction and if you truly know your loved, the prospect of “ending it all” is a foreign and uncomforting thought.
The power of LOVE is great and though EVIL may seem as formidable; it is in knowing that a greater power of love exists, outside ourselves, which gives our pain meaning. I am not naïve and realize the delicate balance between beauty and ugliness but what I am talking about here is true love and absolute evil: a living God of love and an active force of malevolence.
If life has taught me only one thing, it is that no matter what I am or what I have, to love and be loved is the greatest treasure of existence. Love spurs us on to light that one candle instead of just sitting blind in the dark complaining.
This is what this new century provides me: knowing the human condition I will always reach for joy and hopefully this will also be reflected in my work.
I don’t make art just because it’s my career! I make art because it reflects my own vain glorious attempt to try and understand why I’m here and why I have known such pain. If this knowledge is all that my art gives me then I am happy, all the rest is just a perk. Ironically, all we need to achieve this is not per-say in the trappings of career, but simply through a pencil and paper.
Success in art is only measured by the success of each work and not by a set of principles calculated by career.”
Gerard Peter Pas, June 23, 2002.

Very exciting times lay ahead for us here at www.GerardPas.com. We therefore hope to provide an up-to-date glimpse of Gerard's new work as it is produced. Understanding that galleries and museums like to have exclusivity on never before seen works, we will still give you enough of a barometer for which to measure the direction of his new work: as evidenced below. As the new works are developed and documented we will bring them to this the 2000's Wing "The Contemporary" aspect of The Gallery. Please come back and visit us regularly, or ask to be put on our mailing list and you will be notified of changes or news surrounding Gerard and his activities.

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Broken Mannequins or Art Dummies
"Broken Mannequins" or "Art Dummies" by Gerard Pas ©2000  -  109 kb Flash Movie
An early Macromedia Flash Movie made by Gerard Pas © 2000. Titled “Broken Mannequins” or “Art Dummies”, this little (109 kb) movie simply has fun using a broken art mannequin. The sculpture was still photographed and then animated using frames in Flash. These little dolls are used by artists to help understand the human anatomy and are also often used as a tool to compose figures in artists compositions. Need more be said other than enjoy!
Gerard Is currently trying to build up a large collection of these broken dummies (all sizes) for a future installation work. Should you have one of these common art mannequins and would like to donate it to this work, please
contact us for further details by clicking here.
Just click on an above image to watch this movie (109kb or 16 sec at 56k)
i often feel that the rule should say "if it's broken - don't fix it"

Reality versus Reality
"Broken Mannequins" or "Art Dummies" by Gerard Pas ©2000  -  109 kb Flash Movie

"Reality versus Reality" © PaS, is a curious little Flash Movie which depicts one of Gerard's forthcoming sculptural projects in concept form. The object on the left (shown here as a wheelchair although this will probably be a walking cane for the blind) will be a holographic photograph of the object. The actual object or "real" object will be placed to the right of this hologram. This "real" object will be affixed atop a powerful high speed motor which will revolve the object in a circular pattern. Not unlike the blades of a fan, no one blade can truly be seen, yet when looking at a fan you can occasionally catch a glimpse of a singular fan blade if only for a second or so. Likewise, then the object to the right will be spun so fast that you will only be able to see the object intermittently otherwise it will be a continual blur. The object to the left is static and always recognizable. The paradox of perception is that the holographic abstract is identifiable while the real object is indiscernible as it is spinning so fast.
"Hegel once said said that "In the dark all the cows are grey." I say that you should be really careful not to stick your fingers into what you think is unreal." G. Pas
Just click on an above image to watch this movie (134kb or 20 sec at 56k)

the doors of perception often open to a morass of paradox and contradiction

The PAS Clothing Store in Tokyo, Japan.
The PAS Store, entrance - Tokyo, Japan. The PAS Store, racks - Tokyo, Japan. The PAS Store, cadmium red shirts - Tokyo, Japan.
The PAS clothing store in Tokyo, Japan. Selling all of the latest, sickest, hottest PAS fashions. Look for PAS fashions in a fine clothing store near you. We're not making this up, it's totally true and these photo's kindly provided by Jason Vanderhill © were not in anyway digitally altered.
In my years of making art, I always had a laugh when I saw other, usually dead, artists works used in every day culture and marketing. Think of Mondrian's art as a label for Loreal Hair products, an Alan Kaprow work as a slogan for a butter commercials, a Greg Curnoe poster used as a backdrop in the popular American television series "Charles in Charge". Then there's PAS clothing using primary colours in Japan. Sometimes life truly imitates art.
i sweat at the thought of commercial success and so should you in a PAS sweat shirt

The Pas External Pain Relieving Patch
Pas External Pain Relieving Patch - Available only here!
We're diversifying here at GerardPas.com that is, we're not just making art! What with all this misery, we've decide to enter into the pharmaceutical business and we've created the PaS PAIN RELIEF PATCH ™Gerard Pas. Unlike other current advertising trends, we're not just selling the package at GerardPas.com. This is a fine example of selling the sizzle as well as the steak and this steak is cooked to perfection. This is an elixir to cure all your modern ailments, from simple back-aches to the more serious, anxiety, social estrangement and more.
We are also presently working on a combination "Memory Loss - Anti-Depressant". When completed, you'll be able to remember all the pitfalls and bad times of your life instead of just looking at the highlights of our common wretchedness in art history, i.e., Poussin's "The Rape of the Sabine Woman", Goya's "The Third of May", Gericault's "The Raft of the Medusa", Picasso's "Guernica", Rembrandt "The Blinding of Samson", etc. (WARNING: The Surgeon General advices that one side-effect of this drug is that you'll also remember every work of art by Norman Rockwell, which we're all to happy to forget.)
All in all, when it comes to making BIG money or any money for that matter, the truth is that “the art game” sucks. Together with our clothing stores and now the drug 'lines' were hoping to quickly approach the top of the Hip-Hop hierarchy status. If that’s possible for a white boy from the suburbs who love’s M&M’s to do? Anyone got some tunes we can sample in that postmodern rip-off kind of way? Hey what about “PaSster” instead of “napster”?
Here at Gerardpas.com we feel that no price is too high towards the privilege of making art, because artists have to keep the rich in both accumulating capitol and cheap amortizing home decorations. No?
Note: Gerard Pas takes no responsibility for the webmasters comments or vitriol.

who says that your life has to be riddled with pain to make art?

Relations Sculpture and Billboard Project
Relations sculpture concept. Relationhips Billboard concept.
relations sculpture relationhips billboard
"Relations" is a sculptural concept which incorporates two wheelchairs back-to-back with their rear spoked wheels interwoven or knotted together.
"Relationhips" is a billboard concept originally designed in and for for New York City based on the above sculpture. The title spelling of the project "Relationhips" is correct and not a typo.

"My excuse had always been that I think of my self as "relationally challenged", amongst the myriad of other challenges I face, least of those being "physically challenged". Ironically I can not live without relationships; some of them cherished. The artist's life is a solitary one in the studio with their work and then professionally there's the openings and the very social aspects of career. What a strange paradox don't you think? What is success then, someone with many good relationships? My, my I've seemed to have painted myself into a corner! I fight for success to provide me with solitude in the studio. I think the sardonic dualism which is conveyed by this piece says more than I can write here." G. Pas

joined at the hips or rolling apart "relationships"can provide they're own physical challenges

Tongues of Fire Installation
Tongues of Fire 2001-1999 installation.
Tongues of Fire Flash Movie 87kb  = 13 sec @ 56k Tongues of Fire Flash Movie 87kb = 13 sec @ 56k
Tongues of Fire Flash Movie 87kb = 13 sec @ 56k Tongues of Fire Flash Movie 87kb = 13 sec @ 56k
View the extensive documentation of these work in the "hEaVEN n eARTh" catalogue -  click here
"Tongues of Fire Installation"
This work was first installed at Museum London in 2001 and incorporated into the "hEaVEN n eARTh" exhibition.
See a small Flash movie (87kb) consisting of a compilation of paintings from the "Tongues of Fire" series animated into one burning flame.
View the complete catalogue documentation of this work with details and texts by clicking on the above image.
“Tongues of Fire” was the last major work, which I began during the end of the last century. It was started while I was still working on the series titled “The Saints”. My intent with this work was to convey a positive message for what was otherwise a dark and difficult decade of the 90’s for me. While working on “The Saint’s” I wanted to go one step further and make a monumental work that spoke of resurrection, the presence of love, light and the purification of fire.
This work was a pivotal piece for me, as it truly represents a birds eye view of my life at the end of the 20th century. Through the darkness and depression, I was indeed baptized by fire and given back the hope of love, bringing me out of the dark and back into the light. It truly is a representation of healing and light for me. Nevertheless, I am reminded that were I to speak in the tongues of angels, if I have not love then I have nothing but the clanging sound of an empty vessel.
This work comprises hundreds of small flame paintings forming into one large flame. Unlike my earlier de-constructivist works this piece is meant to form a collective whole through the sum of its many diverse parts. G. Pas
that darkest hour is indeed the one before the break of day

the hEaVEN n eARTh exhibition
View the "hEaVEN n eARTh" catalogue -  click here. View the "hEaVEN n eARTh" catalogue -  click here.

The “hEaVEN n eARTh Exhibition” 2001 consists of Gerard's oil paintings from the latter part of the last decade or the late nineties into 2000. These works have been compiled into an online catalogue which can be seen as part of the PROJECTS section here at GerardPas.com by clicking here.
The exhibition included many of the works seen in the Late Nineties Gallery: Sisyphus Descendants, Phaethon's Faux PaS, The Saints series, To Have and To Hold and the Tongues of Fire installation (as seen above).
The exhibition was first exhibited at the Museum London, London, Canada in the spring of 2001.

my small way of lighting just one candle instead of sitting in the dark complaining

ReFormation Sculpture - From Sandton to Kliptown
CrossOvers - CrossPathCulture - Johannesburg, South Africa.
See the completed ReFormation Sculpture 2001 - To view documentation on the entire project please click the image to the right.
See the completed ReFormation Sculpture in Johannesburg
See all the documentation on the Johannesburg Project - ReFormation Sculpture, 2001. ie. drawings, numerous images of the sculpture, flash films, etc. - click here
See all the documentation on the Johannesburg Project
The "ReFormation Sculpture" was created by Gerard on the invitation of CrossPathCulture (CPC) New York and CPC South Africa, as part of their "CrossOvers Project" in Johannesburg. To read more on CrossPathCulture and the "CrossOvers Project" please click here.
"I created this work by gathering up discarded or broken things which where found in the garbage of the city of Johannesburg, SA. I took these rejected or found objects and reformed them into the international symbol of the handicapped (commonly used as signage to indicate handicapped bathroom). The difference between my sculpture and the international symbol, was that the individual normally sitting in the wheelchair, is attempting to stand and leave it behind. When completed this work was almost 2 X 25 X 15 metres in size and was comprised of virtually every imaginable piece of scrap, rubbish and found objects. A complete sculpture based on the three R's, reduce, re-use and recycle.
My intent with this sculpture was to say: from the broken we can find form, from form we can find meaning and from meaning we can find healing. The title gets it's name from my dedication of the work to the ghetto of Kliptown and affluent area of Sandton. I gave it this name to convey the disparity between the two extremes of Sandton, Johannesburg and Kliptown Soweto." G. Pas

This work and it's documentation are a part of the "PROJECTS" section here at GerardPas.com which can been seen by clicking here.

sometimes the stone we discard or dismiss ends up being the most important cornerstone

Portrait of Chuck Close
Portrait of Chuck Close - sculpture 2001 - click to see all the documentation.
After knowing the painter Chuck Close for several years, Gerard asked him if he could do his portrait. Chuck agreed by donating one of his oftly used and retired old wheelchairs to Gerard. Within the common understanding or milieu of mainstream portraiture, Gerard created a provocative object / sculpture from this gift. Titled "Portrait of Chuck Close" this work has recently been exhibited in New York 2001-2002: you can read text, see movies, animation and numerous images on this project and its exhibitions by clicking on the image above.

This work and it's documentation are a part of the "PROJECTS" section here at GerardPas.com which can been seen by clicking here.

if we're paradigm shifting we mustn't forget to change gears

corpoREAL exCHANGE - "the foREST"
A collaborative installation project with Huang Chih-Yang
See Gerard's new work and his collaboration with Huang Chih-Yang in  New York - please click here See Gerard's new work and his collaboration with Huang Chih-Yang in  New York - please click here

Gerard's most recently exhibited works were created for a collaboration with the Taiwanese artist Huang Chih-Yang of Taipei City. Both artists met in New York at the invitation of CrossPathCulture and created a large installation work titled "the foREST". This installation was part of their larger exhibit titled "corpoREAL exCHANGE" at the White Box - The Annex Gallery, New York, 2001.
While this exhibition was essentially a two person show, it was in fact radically different. How? Gerard and Huang elected to bring a stream of their individual works together in a synergistic assimilation of form and function. Gerard created several sculptures of wooden crutches returning back into the form of living trees. Huang documented germs using a digital video recorder. These two bodies of work were then brought together in the form of a large forest of trees. These trees were then mounted into beautiful metal stands (inverted tandoori ovens) in which, laying under a bed of rice, television monitors played Huang's DVD videos of germs.
The result of Yang's/Pas' collaboration brings forth an interesting paradox of ideas: both a very positive message of Healing and a focus on the tension between the ideal and broken body, the sick, germs, disease
, etc.
Gerard made his commitment to "reach for joy" a reality with this out of the mainstream work, proving to provide a polemical discourse to anyone who might think that healing is easy.

This work and it's documentation are a part of the "PROJECTS" section here at GerardPas.com which can been seen by clicking here. You can read texts, see movies, animation and numerous images on this project and exhibitions by clicking on one of the two images above.
there is hope for healing but like much in life it is not always the easiest path to follow

New York - a dedication
Worlds Trade Center, New York Septremember 11th, 2001 - A collection of photo's and thoughts - please click here

Gerard first went to New York to visit family and the 1965 Worlds Fair wearing short pants and holding his mothers hand. He returned in the 1970's to work as an artist and build life long friendships. He has loved visiting, being and living there over the many years since. Even though he has a home and heart in Canada and he is a very much an Amsterdamer in spirit, his head and thoughts have always been firmly rooted in New York. "Iron sharpens iron and New York keeps you sharp!" GP. Over the last 3 years Gerard has been living in New York for long durations at a time: both as "Artist in Residence" for CrossPathCulture but also as a New Yorker. Fortunately, on September 11th, 2001 he had just returned to Canada for a short weeks duration. Nevertheless, he was back in New York on Sept. 15th and stayed there almost exclusively until Christmas of 2001, working on his exhibition with Huang Chih-Yang.

After we we're all moved by the tragic events of September 11th, he created a page of photographs and thoughts on his time there during the fall and winter of 2001. Too much pain, too many poisons, too much fear, too much anxiety and depression for too many but never too much love and never too much New York. A simple but heartfelt page of photo's on his activities and the ambience of the City of New York in a difficult and trying time for all New Yorkers.

if love can heal all - then i love new york even more

T34T4TY Project
This image is from a work in progress - please click to view the project.

Gerard has begun a small series of works which will honour and commemorate the victims and fallen soldiers of World War 2 - WWII. This is his way of saying “thank you” to those that gave their life’s during WWII so that we could live.
The above image conveys one section of a larger triptych. This image is of a Soviet Red Army T-34/85 Tank in Winter Camouflage. This is a work in progress and will be updated as the project unfolds.

if war is hell then hell is war - God save us

Recently edited videos converted to MPG — WMV
A Study for Pataphysician Thought 1977 - 21 mb MPG Kunstledematen  -  49mb WMV the london lEDGE 1977 -  4.52mb MPG
“A Study for
Pataphysician Thought

1978 - 2004
20.7mb MPG
1:20 min.
48.7mb WMV
31:38 min.
“the london lEDGE
1978 - 2004
4.52mb MPG
0:19 sec
“A Study for
Pataphysician Thought”
small Windows Media Version
2.08mb - WMV
click here
The above performance
was first performed at
De Appel, Amsterdam.
This documents the
complete performance. 
“the london lEDGE”
small Windows Media Version
511kb - WMV
click here

Stutter -  47mb MPG VIDEOS Am I the Abstract -  36mb MPG
“Stutter” 1979 - 2004
a short video in mpeg format
47mb - 1:17 min.
  “Am I the Abstract” 1979
a short video in mpeg format
35.6mb MPG - 2:30 min.
small Windows Media Version
1.81mb - WMV
click here
  “Am I the Abstract”
small Windows Media Version
3.40mb - WMV
click here
Gerard has been in his London studio busy creating new works for upcoming exhibitions in Europe for 2005.
(See our NEWS section for further details and information on these events - click here).
While working in his London studio he has also been capturing some of his older video works from the 1970’s and editing them into finished mpeg’s MPG. These mpegs files are a result of Gerard converting his early video work from ½-inch and ¾-inch video tape to digital format and DVD. While the stock tapes date from the 1970’s the finished works are dated today. We’ve included a sample of some these MPG’s for you here and are happy to inform you that many more are on the way.
The larger MPG’s available for download here are formatted for Standard 4:3 Aspect Ratio TV. We have also provided smaller Windows Media Version renders of the same files for internet users not on broadband.
Edison said we learn from our mistakes and failures while creating his light bulb.
These videos reflect a period of great despair - Gerard feels very learned as a result.

I AM... - To see this work please click on this image

Gerard started this work in 2004 and completed it this year after he was asked to contribute a work for an exhibition held in collaboration with a large “Junior A Hockey Tournament”. This hockey tournament called “The Memorial Cup” is being held in his hometown of London, Canada.
This work was actually conceived in 2002, after Canada won the Gold Medal at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. It is a reversible-hockey-stick-crutch © ® . To read more on why Gerard made this piece, or to view the work, please click on the above image or the flag below.

I'm no Flag Waver, eh

i am what i am but i am most certainly am not what i am not

Flowers, Trees, and Plants Photo Gallery
2004 -2006
Flowers, Trees, and Plants Photo Gallery - To see these photgraphs please click on this image Flowers, Trees, and Plants Photo Gallery - To see these photgraphs please click on this image Flowers, Trees, and Plants Photo Gallery - To see these photgraphs please click on this image Flowers, Trees, and Plants Photo Gallery - To see these photgraphs please click on this image

These photographs were taken by Gerard Pas of his garden and the plants that grow there. They were photographed from 2004 to 2006. During this period Gerard took over 10,000 photographs of plants that for all but a very few grow in his and his neighbour gardens.

sometimes when I surround myself with beauty I almost feel as if I understand it

Canadian Veterans Memorial - To see this work please click on this image Canadian Veterans Memorial - To see this work please click on this image Canadian Veterans Memorial - To see this work please click on this image

In September of 2006, a memorial carillon will be erected in Victoria Park, London Canada, adjacent to the Veterans’ Garden and Cenotaph. It will be linked to a granite monument showing the locations of Canadian Forces cemeteries in Holland and Belgium where 6700 WW2 graves are located. This memorial will be given as a gift from the Dutch Community as an expression of thanks to Canada and it's Armed Forces, for their role in the liberation of Holland and Belgium during World War II. It will be presented to the Royal Canadian Legion and the City of London. The design of this memorial was created by Gerard at the request of the Dutch Community in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

if I have attained a height it is because I stand on the backs of others

Postage Stamp  - To see this work please click on this image

Here is a postage stamp GerardPas.com designed to honour the work of Gerard Pas in his thirty-third year as an artist. An older Gerard can be seen to the right of the stamp, mesmerizing us all with his ambulatory tricks while the younger Gerard on the right, is enthralled with the idea that he can become a clown when “he grows up”.


Just as you begin to think that, the world has passed you-bye, ignoring your cultural contributions to society or for that matter that you even exist. Museums and Art Galleries do not even bother to send back your unsolicited “postage paid” materials. Your dog is about to die, your wife says you stink up the house with beer farts and threatens to leave you if you don’t smell some art. You think I am sure going to miss that dog! As for smelling art, you calculate that if you had the sum total of all your art sales in life, you’d still be in debt. Yes, life is rough and the world owes us nothing!

Why not commission GerardPas.com to design you a unique postage stamp and make your day a very happy, happy day (Celexa not included). GerardPas.Com will design you a stamp that suits your own vision of yourself. Why not tribute yourself to lasting immortality as people are forced to lick you back and stick you to an envelope, only for philatelists everywhere to revel in your beauty.
Come on, while you don’t deserve it, money can at least buy you something… share the misery and make the muses sing.

Contact us at pains@gerardpas.com to place your order.

one person's humility is another’s honour

Lake House on Lake Canandaigua - click on this image
Lake House on Lake Canandaigua - click on this image
Lake House on Lake Canandaigua - click on this image
Lake House on Lake Canandaigua - click on this image

Lake House on Lake Canandaigua by Gerard P. PaS 2005-2012

watercolour on paper
70.3 X 21.3 cm / 27 5/8 X 8 6/16 unframed painting

* Dedicated to Gene Schneider and his family.
From the collection of The Schneider Family, Rochestor, NY, USA


comments to come

the love of family is a house of joy

2004 - onwards
Gerard's Photography Gallery

As of 2008 Gerard began working primarily with his camera. As a result Gerard's works of the 2000's continues in our photographic galleries; which can be found by clicking on the above image of the camera. From the human figures, wildlife, landscape, macro photography, and other unique images, these galleries show Gerard's erudite vision and his current dedication to his art using photographyy.


one cannot reside in pain if art is truly a process of catharsis

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Please note that Gerard's current art works continue in our Photographic Galleries
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