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"I would like to dedicate these photo galleries to the memory of my parents, both of whom recently passed away, my dad in 2009 and mom in 2010. My father Martin G. Pas was a gardener by profession who influenced me by teaching me about flowers, plants, insects, and nature. My mother Nicolette J. Pas (Lettie) was a strong foundation, a very creative woman with her hands, knitting, needlework, and an excellent cook; she always encouraged me to express myself artistically. I miss them both very much and owe them a great debit in their abiding support of my artistic development in both good and bad times but also in binding us together as a family in the larger and also personal sense. All my life I've have always known that I was loved and I miss them dearly." Gerard Pas

Gerard Pas is an accomplished visual artist whose art works has been exhibited in many of the world's most interesting museums and galleries.

Since graduating from art school in 1975 Gerard has been using a camera for over 30 years.  Gerard’s photographic work has been multifaceted, from documenting his performance works in the late seventies, to his current work with the digital camera.

His experimental work with the Instant Polaroid Land camera and SX-70 in the seventies, earned him a place in his first major international exhibition and book, which included the works of other international artists such as Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton and Lucas Samaras to name a few.  Through these thirty plus years to today, Gerard has also taken portraits of many of the most interesting people of our time such as William S. Burroughs, Jean Michel Basquiat and many more of his creative friends.

In recent years, Gerard has dedicated even more of his creative endeavours to the use of the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera or DSLR. These photographic galleries are meant to be current and convey recent photographs that Gerard has created using the DSLR camera since 2004 onwards.  From wildlife, landscape, macro photography, and other unique images, these galleries show Gerard’s erudite vision and dedication to the art of photography.

Gerard continues to paint and make sculpture but his commitment to the camera is on the same high professional level as his much-respected artwork.  Gerard’s artistic eye has seen his photographic images published in international magazines, web based internet sites and recently dedicated exhibitions of his photography alone.

Gerard is currently a member of the Visual Arts Faculty, School of Contemporary Media at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Canada, where he teaches photography as well as other visual arts disciplines.

We hope that you enjoy Gerard’s photographic work.  Should you want a simple print or to organize an exhibitions of his work please contact us a

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Gerard is currently a member of the Fine Art Faculty at Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, Canada; where he teaches photography and other fine art disciplines.
Fanshawe College
Gerard is an active member of Nature London - McIlwraith Field Naturalists, London, Canada. Nature London undertakes a variety of projects to promote environmental awareness, enhance habitat and protect natural areas.
McIlwraith Field Naturalists - Nature London
Gerard uses Nikon cameras, Nikkor lens and is recognized as a Nikon Pro by Nikon Canada.
Nikon Canada

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