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"corpoREAL exCHANGEs" 2001
Click to view portrait of chuck CLOSE 2001
"portrait of chuck CLOSE" 2001
Click to view corpoREAL exCHANGEs 2001
Click to view - Memorial and Sculpture dedicated  to Canadian WW2 Vets that liberated Holland - 2005/06
Click to view the reFORMation scultpure project 2001
"Saint with Halo Brace" 1998
Click to view PAINtings - hEaVEN n eARTh catalogue 2001
"The  reFORMation Sculpture" 2001
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Welcome to what was "Current Projects and Recent Works" section of Here you will find examples of Gerard Pas' past exhibitions from the 2000's.

During the 2000's Gerard had been intensely busy with numerous exhibitions around the world; starting with his large public sculpture for CrossPathCulture, titled "reFORMation" in Johannesburg, South Africa. Then there was the exhibition of his paintings from late 90's to 2001 "hEaVEN n eARTh" at Museum London, Canada. He then went on to make a large installation "corpoREAL exCHANGEs" as collaboration with Huang Chih-Yang (Taiwan) in New York. Lastly, with the support of the American artist Chuck Close, he made his sculptural "portrait of chuck CLOSE" using a wheelchair donated to him by the Chuck Close and which was exhibited in New York in 2001.
Thus there's plenty for you to see and read about here on these pages. Just scroll over and click on an above button to view these past projects; for all other work from the 1970's onwards please return to the Gallery section of this website.

As of 2008 Gerard began working primarily with his camera and "Current Projects" can now be found in the photography section of this website or by clicking here.

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