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It is our intent to provide as comprehensive a catalogue on the art works and production of Gerard Pas as is possible. Gerard has been producing art for more than 3 decades: with thousands of images, tens of thousands of photos and images, hundreds of objects, hours of video and radio to document: this task is an ongoing and major undertaking for us here! Therefore, we are regularly adding to and updating each of the galleries as documentation becomes available and as time permits. Although the galleries found below are thorough they are not exhaustive or complete. We have nevertheless, included many important examples of the most recognized and major works of art created by Gerard Pas. We hope that you are not only stimulated by the images you see in our galleries but that you find the art provocative and moving. “Ars est celare artem” It is true art to conceal art!

Galleries have been organized into wings, each reflecting a different aspect or decade of Gerard's Work
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