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Gerard has recently developed this resource section of the gallery to help people learn more about art, art history and aesthetics. After recently exhibiting with scientists and other extra terrestrial beings, who said they made art (okay photo postcards of nature and outer space) we thought we would share some of their knowledge with you. To make things personal we've named our super computer "Bobby B.". So go ahead ask Bobby anything you want about art - she might just be able to help you as much as she did Gerard.

*Disclaimer - Nowhere on this page are any real or living astronauts used. No living astronauts where injured in the development or research of this project. This astronaut is not meant to be a reflection of any living or dead astronaut. If this astronaut in anyway seems to be similar to any living Canadian female Astronaut, it is by pure circumstance (honest). If you are an astronaut and take offence to this page - lighten up its just a bit of fun - besides if you can't take the heat - then get out of the fire! No 1 million dollars was received in public funding towards the development of this project. Any of the remaining two thirds of the funds used in the development of this project were raised by and through the financial support of our corrupt-pirate sponsors. Hey, remember if you dangle a chimpanzee, with a camera, from a helicopter, above any of Canada's National Parks, your bound to get a few good pictures for just a few bananas, which is a lot less than 2.? million dollars! No real astronaut with several degrees coming out of the 'wazzu' and yet is myopically unaware of the current cultural milieu in Canada, was consulted about this project. Watch for "www.bury-your-art-adminstrator-head-up-the-astronauts-butt-and-see-if-you-can-pull-it-out-without-getting-excrement" which is currently in its research stages with
If you have any questions relating to this page or this project please send your E-mail to -

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