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I have worked as a visual artist since starting at art school in 1973 until today. My works have utilized a myriad of different mediums and sources, from performance art, painting and sculpture to photography. Having spent many years as a "Life Drawing" instructor in the university environment I worked with the human form throughout those many years. Whether the subject was my own broken body, inflicted by polio at 13 months of age "A Dream memory of the Brace", paintings of the human figure as in my "Sisyphus' Descendants" works or portraits series "The Saints", I have a long tradition of working with the human form.

I believe in the dignity of the human form. I describe the difference between nudity and nakedness as: in nudity we show respect for the body even while at times showing the result of its brokenness or our human condition, nakedness is the stripping of our human dignity while leaving only exploitation or pornography. It is my hope that these images convey my high respect and believe that we are created in God's image and that the human form is a vessel of beauty. I consider these photographic nudes to be within the long established tradition of "life drawing / painting" and as such very much a part of my art making.

With these series I am creating photographic art works that either interest me or reference works of art by other artists that have influenced my own work over the years. Gerard.

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