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Memoirs - The autobiographical writings of Gerard Pas

Gerard has begun to write down his memoirs and autobiographical writings. These writings discuss his lives sojourn as a person and artist, together with the people he met along the way. To read these works spanning across the fifty years of Gerard's life please click here — Gerard Pas Memoirs and Autobiographical Writings.

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1. "hEaVEN n eARTh" online catalogue 2001
catalogue for the exhibition "hEaVEN n eARTh" by Gerard Pas at the London Regional Art and Historical Museum (LRAHM)
Authors include Vince Cherniak "Getting to hEaVEN n eARTh - pas de probleme" (principal art),
Cannon Hersey (Elective director of CrossPathCulture) "ReFormation - Pain to Bliss",
Brain Meehan (Director of LRAHM) "Forward"
Pub: and Gerard Pas, London Canada, New York, NY USA 2001.
© and Gerard Pas *articles are intellectual property of the authors
* please note that this catalogue is self contained therefore navigation is internal -- to return to the main web site click on the PaS logo on the bottom of each page.

The ultimate online catalogue complete with articles, resources, photos, movies, sound and all new works!

2. Graham Birtwistle in discussion with Gerard P. Pas 1991
Reprinted from the exhibition catalogue; "Gerard Pas: The Modular Ambulant"
Authored by Dr. Graham Birtwistle Ph.D.
Pub: Center Art Gallery, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Mich., U.S.A. 1991.
© Center Art Gallery, Calvin College and Gerard P. Pas 1991.

3. McIntosh Gallery Catalogue 1987
Reprinted from the exhibition catalogue; "Less of More - More of Less (PäS Plus — PäS Moins)"
by Uli Bohnen and Gerard Pas
Pub: McIntosh Gallery, The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada. 1987.
© McIntosh Gallery, The University of Western Ontario and Gerard P. Pas 1987
*note: the original German texts can also be read within this catalogue - Der original Deutsche Text können sie auch lesen.

* note: The above catalogues are only partial reprints.  To obtain a complete printed copy of the catalogue, please contact the respective publisher (links have been provided in the online cat.) or E-mail us at gerardpas@gerardpas


An 'online' article on Gerard Pas' photographic work, written by Vincent Cherniak “Artist Gerard Pas – Falling in Love with a World He’d Never Seen before” The London Yodeller, London, Canada. (April 2 – Apr. 15, 2015).

A 'online' article on Gerard Pas and his art work, written by Vince Cherniak. "Exploring the pain in paint" Online Reporter: The University of Western Ontario. London, Canada. Nov., 1999.

Then you could read this rather strange little article! "Canadian Invents Radical New Crutch!"


A recent 'online magazine release' featuring the work of Gerard Pas. Gerard Pas, "Echoes of a Countdown";  Path3 Online Magazine:, New York, New York, U.S.A. Launched in October of 2000.

Documentation on the Video Catalogue "Red Blue Yellow" by Owen Curnoe & Mark Favro (The Anthropomorphics) for the exhibition "Gerard Pas:  Marginalization" at The McIntosh Gallery, The University of Western Ontario; London, Canada. 1994.

Gerard Pas' installation and exhibition "Red Blue Works" at "Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Art. Toronto, Canada. 1989."

Documentation on the exhibition "Ray Johnson's Letters" (1986-1997) Artpool - Buda Ray University, Budapest.
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