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This web site is dedicated to the art works, activities and projects of visual artist Gerard PaS. Additionally, we hope to make your visit an informed, as well as a pleasing sight and sound experience. Let us know how we're doing!

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General Enquiries
We welcome all and any of our your comments, questions and concerns.
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Technical Problems or Questions
If you have any technical questions related to this web site, i.e.: Would like to ask how we do what we do. Find aspects of our work failing your standards. Have technical concerns. Find broken links and pages which provide difficulty for you or your browser. Report errors. If you require any technical assistance what-so-ever playing our movies or digital media. If you would like to engage in a link exchange or have your link placed in our "Cyber Cafe".
Please direct all your E-mails to our web master
Contacting the artist
If you would like to direct your personal comments or questions to Gerard.
You can contact Gerard Pas by sending your E-mails to
Sales and Services
If you would like to make enquiries towards the purchase of art made by Gerard or contact him for lectures, workshops and presentations.
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Curatorial, Publishing, Media, Copyright Concerns
If you have curatorial questions relating to Gerard's work: i.e., Would like to the exhibit or present the art works. Have question regarding the publishing, printing, reprinting or any other electronic, print or media use of Gerard Pas images, such as their copyrights, and fees.
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We are continually adding to, changing and upgrading this web site. From time to time sends out a newsletter to inform you on these web site changes. Periodically we also send out information on the events, exhibitions, publications, news and new works by Gerard Pas. If you would like to receive this newsletter: please contact us by E-mail. All your information will remain confidential and our E-mail lists are never shared or sold to further protect your privacy.
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Locations and Personal Data
If you require Gerard's full mailing, telephone or Street address in New York City or London, Canada. It will be happily provided.
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Design Credits
This web site was designed entirely by ENSI DESIGN, NO STUDIO PRODUCTIONS™ and GERARD PAS©.
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